+ Can I cut the expanded polystyrene myself?

+ Is Expanded Polystyrene paintable?

+ What type of glue do I use to combine different pieces of Expanded Polystyrene?

+ What thickness Expanded Polystyrene do I use for insulation?

+ Can customised forms /shapes be made with Expanded Polystyrene?

+ Can I use Expanded Polystyrene for sculpting?

+ Is Expanded Polystyrene moisture resistant?

+ What does DV stand for?

+ Can Polystyrene Sheets be used for the bottom of Fishtanks or is this a different grade polystyrene?

+ Can you cut Polystyrene Foam, Polystyrene Sheets, Polystyrene Boards and Polystyrene Panels to size?

+ Can Expanded Polystyrene be used for packaging?

+ How effective is Expanded Polystyrene as a thermal insulation material?

+ Does Expanded Polystyrene absorb water?

+ Does age affect the thermal performance of Expanded Polystyrene?

+ Is Expanded Polystyrene strong?

+ How effective is Expanded Polystyrene as an acoustic insulation material?

+ Is Expanded Polystyrene resistant to chemicals?

+ Is Expanded Polystyrene degraded by the sun?

+ Is Expanded Polystyrene durable?

+ Does Expanded Polystyrene burn?

+ Where can Expanded Polystyrene be used in building construction?

+ Is Expanded Polystyrene cost effective compared to alternative insulation?

+ What is the most effective way to keep the goods cool or frozen in a Polystyrene Fish or Polystyrene Cooler box?

+ How long does dry ice last in a Polystyrene Fish or Polystyrene Cooler box?

+ How do you pack the dry ice in a Polystyrene Fish or Polystyrene Cooler box?

+ Goodday,can You make a big polystyrene block with a dimension of 50X60X80cm, we want To use It as a block for gymnast To stand on,To mount bars aswell as for a coach To stand on To assist gymnasts while training,hoe much Will You charge for the block,and Will It ne strong enough To stand on.we Will cover It in vinyl or even ruberise It.please Let me know the price,as we need It very urgently,we live in Limpopo Tzaneen,also advise on delivery costs please.

+ can the cornices be painted - PVC and/or enamel?

+ how much is one Polystyrene Panels block

+ good morning,I would like to replace my ceiling in my patio with polystyrene , the area is aprox 50m2 A- what thickness and size sheets do you recommend B-how are the sheets joined ? many thanks Clive Spencer

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